Practical Training

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Electrical and Electronics Engineering students are required 40 days of practical training during the summer months or during the breaks.  A student may do up to 30 days of training at a workplace. The practical training could be on electronics, communication systems, control systems, power systems, computer hardware or software and other Electrical Engineering and electronics related fields including the design, maintenance and sales departments.

The practical training could be initiated after the second year of classes. 20 days of training is required for the double-major students.  Students who come from the two-year vocational schools are given credit for the practical training they have done prior to being admitted to the department. Click here for the related form.

The student gets the approval of the practical training committee before starting the practical training at a particular place.  The observations and work carried out during the training is recorded daily in the practical training book.  After the training, the supervisor fills out the evaluation form and the training book which are turned in to the department at the beginning of the semester that follows the training.  

The practical training book may be obtained from the photocopy centers in the Engineering buildings, and a photograph must be affiexed and approved by the department secretary before the training.

The practical training approval form may be filled online. We strongly recommend the use of this interactive page. Select or enter the workplace for practical training and get necessary paperwork to submit to the workplace.

The law number 5510 requires the trainees be insured for the occupational hazards during the practical training.  The law requires the University file the information with the SGK (Social Security Establishment) and pay the premiums for the "obligatory practical training" period.  This process takes time; hence, students must file the paperwork with the Department office 15 days before the practical training starts.  
Submit the following documents in a clear plastic envelope/folder:
1) Photocopy of the ID card.
2) Acceptance letter from the workplace (sample)
3) Practical Training application form (2 copies)

You may place your photograph in the top right corner of the form on a computer.

Although the university is responsible for paying for the insurance of the student at practical training, in case of any accidents at work, students and the company are obliged to inform the faculty. This information has to be declared to the faculty at the same day of the incident.

An approved copy of the insurance form is returned to the student.  Also, a bar-coded document will be supplied to the student 1-5 days prior to the training.  Some employers may not accept trainees without this bar-coded document. If that is the case, contact the department office to obtain the document or try this link. (This link will be functional after the final exams.)

The University does not arrange any insurance for the practical training outside of Turkey. 

You are expected to fill out a survey form after the practical training.  You should also put your ID number and advisors name on the cover of the training book in a special form.