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ESOGU - Electrical and Electronics Engineering

The objective of Electrical-Electronics Engineering Department is to train students who can create value in the engineering capabilities of the establishment they work for, can maintain the R&D, technology and innovation abilities, can leave an impression on co-workers and supervisors that he is a graduate of ESOGU-EEE Department, have the ability for entrepreneurship, can contribute to the university–industry cooperation, have environmental consciousness and social responsibility.

The Department currently has twenty full-time faculty members. Also, faculty members from other departments, colleges and universities teach classes in the department in the fields of their expertice. The instruction in the department is in English.  Entering students take a year-long full-time intensive English course  if they are not fluent in English before they start taking classes for the  B.S. in Electrical-Electronics Engineering degree program. International students can submit TOEFL or other scores. The senior year courses are mostly technical electives.  These courses may be grouped into five fields:  Computer, Electronics, Communications, Control Systems, and Power Systems. Electrical-Electronics Engineering Department has Master's of Science and Doctoral (Ph.D) graduate programs, too.

The EE department  has contributed hundreds of engineers to the industry. These engineers are employed by private industries as well as government companies within the country as well as worldwide. The department undergraduate curriculum had been prepared to meet ABET (Accreditation Board for Engineering and Technology) criteria since the the year the medium of instruction was changed to English.  The department was accredited by MUDEK (Association for Evaluation and Accreditation of Engineering Programs) between 2012-2020.

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2022-2023 Fall Academic Calendar

September 19-23 Course Registration
September 26 Start of Courses
September 28-30 Add-drop days
November 12-20 Midterm exams
January 6 End of courses
January 9-20 Final exams
January 26 Makeup exams
In attention to Omar ABUNEMEH and Abdikarim Adan ABDIRAHMAN

The students Omar ABUNEMEH and Abdikarim Adan ABDIRAHMAN will have to attend the below final exams. All exams will be online via ESUZEM OYS ( ). The exams are already defined in the platform.

PHYSICS I – Final Exam
Date: March 27, 2023
Time: 14:00
Attendees: Omar ABUNEMEH

CALCULUS I – Final Exam
Date: March 25, 2023
Time: 14:00
Attendees: Omar ABUNEMEH and Abdikarim Adan ABDIRAHMAN

TÜRK DİLİ  – Final Exam
Date: March 28, 2023
Time: 14:00
Attendees: Omar ABUNEMEH

2022-2023 Fall Semester Single Course Exam Schedule

Click here for the 2022-2023 Fall Semester Single Course Exam Schedule.