The quotas and conditions for our Masters and Doctoral programs are announced before Fall and Spring terms, every year. The applications to these programs are then accepted by Institute of Science. The candidates are sorted by a certain grading system and admitted to the programs. There are no interviews in the process.

The quotas for foreign students are also specified in the same announcements.

Besides the Electrical, Electronics and Electrical-Electronics Engineering graduates, candidates with graduate or undergraduate degrees from Automatic Control, Control Engineering, Computer Engineering, Mathematics-Computer Engineering, Mechatronics Engineering and Telecommunication Engineering are also admitted to the Masters/Doctoral programs. Candidates graduated from other programs need to complete scientific prepatory program first. 

Students can choose to apply to Masters programs with or withour thesis work. The doctoral program admits students with either undergraduate or graduate degrees.

The conditions for foreign students are found here.

The conditions for application of Turkish students to our graduate programs for the 2016-2017 academic year are given below. 

ALES exam: Minimum 55 for Masters and "Doctoral after MSc" programs. Minimum 80 for "Doctoral after BSc" program.

GPA: Minimum 2,50 for Masters program.  Minimum 3,00 for "Doctoral after BSc" and "Doctoral after MSc" programs.

Foreign language grade: Minimum 50 for Masters program.  Minimum 55 for "Doctoral after BSc" and "Doctoral after MSc" programs.

Application dates, quotas and other details are announced at the website of the Institute of Science.