Master's Program

Students can choose from Masters programs with or without thesis work. The program with thesis work requires minimum 7 courses with a total of 21 credits. A Seminar work is done in order to determine the thesis title. Thesis work cannot start before completing the Seminar work.

On the other hand, the program without thesis work requires minimum 12 courses with a total of 36 credits. A Term Project is needed to be completed in addition the these courses. Graduates from both programs (with or without thesis work) can be admitted to the Doctoral program.

The admission conditions are specified in the "Admission" page. This information is updated at the announcements of each term.

Students can choose from the below research areas:

  • Electronics
  • Electrical Installations
  • Control and Commanding Systems
  • Electromagnetic Fields and Microwave Techniques
  • Telecommunications and Signal Processing

The latest regulations for ESOGU Graduate programs in Turkish can be found here