There are several ways for admission to Electrical and Electronics Engineering department.

Admission of foreign students:

The language of teaching in the Electrical and Electronics Engineering department is 100% English and foreign students are accepted to both regular and evening undergraduate programs. The application dates for 2016-2017 academic year is between June 13 and July 17, 2016.

For submitting your application, please click here.

With university entrance exam (LYS):

Students are admitted to the undergraduate programs (both regular and evening) via the university entrance exam system of Turkey, organized by OSYM (Student Selection and Placement Office). The numbers of students to be admitted to the undergraduate programs are decided by OSYM. The related statistics of recent years are given below.

Regular program LYS statistics
Year Score Type # of students Lowest Score Highest Score Rank
2015 MF-4 90 378,755 423,082 43800
2014 MF-4 90 392,697 442,579 42749
2013 MF-4 90 393,024 411,553 39400
2012 MF-4 90 428,033 450,672 36829
2011 MF-4 85 464,890 491,345 31461
2010 MF-4 85 474,606 494,423 28710


Evening program LYS statistics
Year Score Type # of Students Lowest Score Highest Score Rank
2015 MF-4 90 356,989 377,869 58300
2014 MF-4 90 369,218 392,061 56456
2013 MF-4 90 368,769 392,869 53500
2012 MF-4 90 408,033 427,933 47443
2011 MF-4 85 447,296 464,789 40501
2010 MF-4 85 453,144 472,958 40141


Admission of vocational school graduates:

The graduates of the two-year vocational colleges can be admitted to the department via the DGS exam that is also administered by ÖSYM. For each of such students, the previous college-level course work is compared to the courses in the current curriculum for content and credit, and a study program is prepared in accordance to theregulations issued by the University Senate.

Students who are not proficient in English attend a year-long intensive English course before they can take any courses for the engineering degree program.

Admission from other universities:

Students who have completed at least a semester of academic work at another university could be admitted to the Department.  The transfer process is carried out in accordance with the rules and regulations by the Higher Education Council.  Eskişehir Osmangazi University main web page has the conditions and number of students for the transfers for each department.

The requirements for transfer applications may be summarized as follows:
1) One must pass all the courses he has taken so far
2) One must be fluent in English and document the fluency.

Study program for transfer students is prepared in accordance with the regulation approved by the Senate.