Scientific and technological research in the department is focused on the below areas:

  • Artificial Intelligence and Robotics
  • Machine Learning and Computer Vision
  • Power Electronics
  • Electromagnetic and Acoustic Waves
  • Biomedical Technologies
Artificial Intelligence and Robotics

he AI and Robotics Laboratory consists of a diverse group of faculty, staff, graduate and undergraduate students from Eskisehir Osmangazi University. The laboratory affiliations includes the Department of Electrical and Electronics Engineering and the Department of Computer Engineering.

The AI and Robotics Laboratory is currently exploring the concepts through the projects in Wheeled Mobile Robot Systems, Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Systems (Drones), Industrial Robot Manipulator Systems.

For more information, please visit webpage.

Machine Learning and Computer Vision

Machine Learning & Computer Vision Laboratory of Eskisehir Osmangazi University was established in 2009 to conduct research on applied and theoretical problems related to machine learning and computer vision. Members of the lab include faculty, graduate and undergraduate students from the Electrical and Electronics Engineering and Computer Engineering departments of Eskisehir Osmangazi University. 
          Our research topics span a broad range of topics including pattern classification, visual object recognition, visual object localization, object tracking, clustering, distance metric learning, dimensionality reduction, semi-supervised learning, large margin classifiers, etc. You can find more information about our research and team members at the webpage (Machine Learning and Computer Vision Lab).

Power Electronics

In the Power Electronics Research Lab, the group is focused on research and development activities of high input power factor rectifiers, high frequency transformer design and applications, high performance UPS's, 400 Hz frequency converter and compact solar inverters using modern semiconductor switching elements like IGBT and SiC. Graduate students have the chance to perform applied thesis work within this group.

Electromagnetic and Acoustic Waves

The research fields of this group is mainly on acoustics and electromagnetics.
The acoustical problems which the group is interested in involve acoustic wave scattering and noise analysis at the exits of jet pipes with flow, methods of reduction of this noise, mathematical modelling of such systems and improvement of these models. In general, the problems in question require a waveguide geometry and the scattering phenomena is investigated analytically. On the other hand, the studies on electromagnetic waves are focused on several applications. These include electromagnetic modelling of submarine HVDC power cables, discontinuities in waveguides, microwave filter design and flanged waveguides. The studies on both acoustic and electromagentic waves rely on mathematical methods like Wiener-Hopf and mode-matching techniques.

Biomedical Technologies

In the Biomedical Technologies Research Lab, the group carries research and development activities with projects on important health issues for humans such as monitoring health conditions of drivers with physiological signals, determination of problematic regions for breast cancer at mamogram images and evaluation of these regions in the sense of breast cancer.